Gonadotropin Stimulation's Effects on Folliculogenesis in Mild and Severe Endometriosis




folliculogenesis;, mild endometriosis;, number of mature follicles;


Infertility in endometriosis has been linked to a number of theories, including a disruption in the folliculogenesis process. Further research is needed to determine whether this issue is linked to the stage of endometriosis or gonadotropin stimulation. In a cross-sectional study design, the study comprised 28 women with moderate endometriosis and 25 women with severe endometriosis who had had in vitro fertilization. The data includes the total number of follicles, mature follicles, and ovarian responses. Bivariate and multivariate analysis were used to examine the data. In bivariate analysis, the t-test and chi-square were utilized. There was no significantly difference in number of follicles total between the two groups (15.2 vs. 10.6; p>0,05). In comparison to the severe endometriosis group, the moderate endometriosis group had considerably more mature follicles (2.891.62 vs. 1.761.17; p0,05).In the severe endometriosis group, insufficient ovarian response was more likely (RR 1.26 ; p 0.018). The number of follicles in total is the same in mild and severe endometriosis, but mild endometriosis has more developed follicles, and severe endometriosis has a higher rate of inadequate ovarian response